All date, time and location enquiries are only confirmed once you have received a ‘confirmation email’ and your Paypal invoice. Certain information is required for this email confirmation to be processed, any lack of communication you are responsible for, may result in the cancellation of your session. If you do not receive an email confirmation your session has not been finalised and you have not been booked in. If you have received an email confirmation; you are booked in for your desired date and time and are expected to arrive for your session. Do not hesitate to contact me if you are waiting longer than 1 day to receive an email confirmation.

Preferred mode of contact is through email, this is so bookings and enquiries can be tracked and accounted for. Any voice messages or text messages for enquiries are difficult to be tracked and therefore I can not guarantee correspondence and bookings this way. All sessions must receive a ‘confirmation email’ and Paypal invoice before they are finalised. If you have not contacted via email (only spoken over the phone or via text) it is your responsibility to contact me via email or send me your email address so the booking can be finalised.

I respectfully ask that you limit your phone text messages and calls to either initial enquiries or on the day shoot emergencies. Any styling or general shoot related enquiries please email any questions and I will get back to you as soon as I can.


Once your date, time and location has been finalised (via confirmation email) you will receive a Paypal invoice containing your package details and the amount that is due. Your Paypal invoice can be paid via any valid debit/ credit card (VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS) or through your personal Paypal account. Please note the payment does not need to be processed through Paypal, cash payments can be accepted on the day but 24hrs notice is required to arrange for this, your Paypal invoice will be processed manually on my end (as cash payment) and you will be able to download this receipt following the session.


Please be aware there are shoot limitations for all of my packages, and if you are after something particular please address this prior to booking so the appropriate location, time and set-ups can be arranged.

Outdoor Set-ups
Lighting will depend on the weather, for example if we have an overcast day it is almost impossible to get any backlight (catchlights in the hair) and will be a softer tone of light. Sunlight will bring larger contrasts, backlights and golden tones to the image. Light is also different in mornings compared to afternoons in any given set-up, and the sun is in different positions dependent on the season of the year. Therefore all my images are slightly different due to these factors, as lighting can sometimes change images drastically. I cannot guarantee any particular outcome with any of these sessions as this is the unpredictable nature of working with outdoor photography.
Location options: Sydney CBD, Dee Why
Indoor Set-ups
Lighting will be consistent, as I have an artificial light set-up in my apartment. The tones and colours of images will depend on the colour of the background and the wardrobe colour choices we decide on. Background colour options are Black, Brown or White and wardrobe options will depend on what you bring along to the session.
Location options: Dee Why only
Please be aware if you bring inspiration pictures from other photographers, we can do our best, but there is no guarantee we can achieve a similar image as I am not privy to said photographer’s location, time of day and camera/ lighting gear. Inspiration shots from my portfolio can be specifically discussed to recreate, as I am aware of the time of day, light quality and location they were shot at. However, I do not guarantee you will get an image exactly the same as my portfolio due to the outlined above lighting and weather factors (see Outdoor Set-ups). 


You are solely responsible for your own make-up and styling, including if you have booked one of our preferred Make-up Artists for the shoot. Any questions or concerns in regards to the Make-up and Hair styling (especially when done by an artist) must be addressed on the day, immediately prior to your session or before look changes are finalised. You will be given multiple opportunities to see the look provided by the artist (in mirror and on camera), so any changes or concerns must be addressed as they arise. We are always more than happy to accommodate for your specific needs on the shoot day. Any concerns post shoot cannot be rectified and we do not offer (unpaid) re-shoots for any issues regarding styling. If you are styling yourself you are responsible for maintaining your look throughout the shoot and for bringing any products required for touch-ups and changes.


Wardrobe concerns are to be discussed and finalised on the day, we allocate 10-15 minutes (outside of shoot time) to go through your options and discuss what will work best for your desired looks. General wardrobe questions are best handled on the day of the shoot, and the more options you bring the better, although be mindful if we are outdoors or indoors as you may need to have these easily carried/ accessible. While I am happy to help prior to the session, please limit our email discussions about wardrobe unless you are extremely worried or concerned about something in particular. Certain colour tones will look better depending on lighting/ weather on the day, it is also dependent on the particular backdrops we have available and any make-up options you bring, these things are difficult to predict and therefore is hard to lock in wardrobe via email.

You will be responsible to maintain your looks throughout the shoot, I will keep an eye on things to avoid malfunctions but you will be required to do your own final checks before stepping in front of the camera. It is very important that you have tried on your outfit prior to arriving to the shoot and that you have brought the necessary undergarments that may be required for the style (eg. strapless bra’s, cami’s). Please note time taken to walk to bathrooms for elaborate changes in costume or make-up and hair changes are all included in your shoot time. We sometimes shoot outdoors ‘on the go’ so if you have quick changes organised, undershirts and loose open neck shirts/ dresses this may help to make the most of your session time.


Life happens sometimes, auditions can come up, you can get sick or have family commitments… which is why I do offer to reschedule with at least 24Hrs notice. Refunds are also available for last minute cancellations but a 20% fee is deducted for administration costs, if you have not processed any payment the fee is still required to be paid and you will be responsible for processing this payment promptly. Reschedules with less than 24hrs notice will incur a 20% booking fee to be paid also.

In the extremely rare situation that I might need to reschedule last minute due to an audition or acting related commitment (as I’m also a working actor this can happen). I will offer a discount to your session to apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused you and find you the next available date.

The weather may also require your session to be rescheduled. Our shoot is outdoors using natural light, so low-light situations (rain/ heavy cloud cover) may result in this. If the weather is not looking to be on our side you will receive and email from me 24-48Hrs prior to your scheduled shoot to organise an alternate date and time. If we do reschedule and the weather report was incorrect (eg. thunderstorm does not arrive, or cloud cover not as heavy), the rescheduled shoot date will still be in place and no last minute changes can be made.


Please allow for at least 7 days for bulk image proofs to be processed and sent to you online and 7-10 days for final retouched images. Any delays that may occur (eg. holidays or other extreme circumstances) will be addressed with you as soon as possible and an alternate waiting time will be outlined. All images will be sent via online sharing platform Google Drive and the link to your images is sent through email. You are able to view, download or share your images from the Google Drive link provided.

Your image proofs will be sent at a lower resolution 600-900KB but your final retouched images are sent at a higher resolution (print) 8-20MB and medium resolution (web) 1-2MB. No print services are available, you will need to organise an external service for hard copy prints of your images. Please Note: To maintain copyright and quality control of all images, your bulk images (as part of a headshot package) are not ever sent in a high resolution. The time, space and data required for processing the larger files is not feasible for the fast turn-around time of these packages. However, Original high resolution (unedited) photos can be purchased separately and released to you at additional cost. If you are sourcing an external editor or editing your own images please enquire for these rates as they are not listed on the website and will vary depending on the number of images you require.

Due to ongoing jobs and space limitations; your image files will be removed from storage 3 months following your shoot. It is your responsibility to download these images and make any retouching choices within this time frame. If you are having trouble choosing/ downloading please let me know within this time frame and I can do my best to help. If you have waited outside the 3 month time frame unfortunately there is no guarantee I will still have your images on file and therefore may not be able to complete your request.


Promotional offers are discounts to packages that apply for a limited time only. Promotional offers cannot be used in conjunction with any other discount or separate promotional offer. Discounts can only be applied to new bookings during the time of the offer and will not be able to be used on pre-existing or already finalised/ completed bookings. No Refunds for cancellations and cancellation fee’s apply. No cancellation an of existing booking can be rebooked using a promotional offer. Promotional offers do not apply to Hair and Make-up stylists unless otherwise stipulated.

Shoot package prices are outlined on the ‘Packages’ section to the website and are non-negotiable. Each package cost and it’s particulars are outlined and are also not open to modification to a lesser value (eg. you may include add ons for an additional fee but no discounts can be applied unless you fall under a current promotional offer). We do not offer 2 for 1 shoots or the inclusion of additional persons in your package (each package is per person and individual packages must be purchased even for same day bookings). If you are after a discounted package be sure to keep an eye on our social media pages for the latest promotional offers.

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